Why get the hotspot

why do you need a hotspot

For security and privacy reasons, to have internet everywhere and be always in touch, because the cost is low and you can provide access to all your family and friends.

Wifi Abroad

Privacy and Security

Free public Wi-Fi hotspots are easy to sabotage and can even be fake, which people will connect and then store their personal data.

With WPA2 enabled personal hotspot, the hacker's work is harder.


Roaming fees can be very high, especially in data plans. With a portuguese mobile hotspot, the cost is fixed.

Available from only €6 per day.


Planing to travel across the country or just a bike ride to the beach?

Take your personal hotspot with you and you will be always connected, ready to share the moments.


There are limited number of free Wi-Fi hotspots in Portugal due to the use of cellular mobile internet.

You can share 1 connection with up to 10 devices.
Wifi Abroad

Where to get the hotspot

it's easy, convenient and fast

There are several ways to get one of our hotspots. Simply choose and receive or comfortably lift your router quickly and simply.

At the Hotel

You can comfortably receive your hotspot at your hotel, just let us know where you will be staying.

At the Hotel

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Pickup Locations

Lift your hotspot in one of the more than 100 survey sites we have. It is fast and reliable.

Pickup Locations

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At the airport

Lift your hotspot upon arrival at the airport in a convenient and effective way.

At the airport

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Residence delivery

Get your hotspot by mail wherever you are. We deliver throughout the all country in a convenient and fast way.

By mail

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Our hotspot

get yours in less than 5 minutes

The best experience in the market! Share 4G connection with up to 10 people. Charges via USB and battery up to 6 hours. Rent your router now!


4G Technology

from €6,00/day


From € 6.00/day
Avoid high roaming costs
Share connection with up to 10 devices


Creates a ±10 meter 802.11 b/g/n wireless hotspot
Broadband HSPA+ speed (43.6 Mbps download, 15.7 Mbps upload)
Up to 6 hours on battery
Charges via USB or Mains (cable and adapter provided)


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  • Wifiabroad access to internet
  • Wifiabroad access to internet
  • Wifiabroad access to internet

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